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About Us

Begins with Love

Pawtastic Treats begins with a love that we have for dogs.  We wanted to give them the best in terms of treats and food.  Through my studies as a nurse, I know the importance of whole foods and quality ingredients needed for a healthy body.  What we found in buying from large commercial stores is that the pet treats were being filled with preservatives and chemicals.  This was not conducive with the lifestyle we wanted for our dogs.  So, in April of 2017 we went to work in the kitchen.  Making quality treats that not only taste good but is good for them without the harmful additives.  And guess what?!  They loved them.  


Value of Homemade

  • Fresh Baked: If you have never walked into a space with the wonderful aroma of pumpkin and peanut butter in the air, let me say, you are missing out.  We bake our treats daily and in small batches to maintain freshness.
  • Quality Ingredients: We want the best for our pets and we make sure the ingredients that go into making our treats are to the highest standards.  We minimize processing by using fresh, whole and natural ingredients as much as possible.
  • No Preservatives or Chemicals: We are proud to say that there are no chemicals or preservatives in our treats.  Once purchased the best storage for our goodies is the refrigerator (extended use for several weeks) or freezer (extends use for a few months) to maximize freshness.  Small price to pay to give your furry friends the best.

Sharing with You

We know there are so many pet parents that love their pets like we do.  Pawtastic Treats focuses on the ability for all pets to have the opportunity for healthy nutritional snacks.  So, we love to share our products with pet lovers and develop a relationship with our clients.

  • Online Bakery: Grab a beverage of your choice and browse our online bakery in he comfort of your own home.  With this convenient option, your can order your baked goodies online and have them delivered to your front door.  Subscriptions are available for ease of monthly orders at a discounted price so that you never have to go to the store for treats again.  
  • Customize Your Recipe: Our base recipe uses oat flour for our biskies.  We are aware that so many of our furry customers have allergies, intolerances and special nutritional requirements.  There are alternate options for flours, vegetables, and fruit options.  
  • Pup Truck: Getting out to meet our pet parents and their four-legged friends is one of the best parts of our job.  We love to visit markets, parties, and events. Look for our big red Pup Truck wagon at your next doggie venture.


Thank You!

Koby and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trying our treats.  We look forward to meeting you and extending our pet loving family with you.